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Leroy Allen

Customer Service

Team Building

Business Credit and Finance

1. Customer Service Speaker Content

Extraordinary service adds value to every transaction, and the best just don’t try to be good – the best are truely service leaders. Leroy Allen Author and Customer Service Speaker, has been teaching Customer Service on the campus of colleges and universities around the world including , Central Penn College of Pennsylvania , UMBC College of Baltimore , and Strayer University. The best organizations differentiate themselves through better customer service. Leroy is known for using stories , humor , and unique insights to teach.
  • How anyone can make his or her work extraordinary.
  • How to move the customer / client relationship from pain point to touch point.
  • How to make teamwork in delivering superior service.
  • How to create value for customers and colleagues
  • The power of empathy.
  • Creating and maintaining Customer Loyalty.
As Leroy , Customer Service Speaker Says. “One of the things that differentiates my work is that it stems from experience as a Financial Advisor with the skills and learned behavior that translated into the training and resource industry with immediate impact. And I’m studying and researching and applying what I learned about Leadership today , both with my clients and in the organizations in which I’m privileged to have a leadership role in”. Customer Service is important, but it is a tool not the structure you are trying to build. It is a means to a more important end. What really matters is customer success. Is your customer more successful because they did business with you ? What makes a better customer service ? Customer Service is a conduit , is a delivery process, for helping to create customer success. It isn’t the only factor nor always the most important one. (BLASPHEMY TO SOME). The problem is an over – emphasis on customer service constricts our thinking. ” How can I best service customers “? Try a different question Ask yourself. How can I help make customers more successful in ways that are important to them.

2. Team Building:

What is Teamwork and Team Building ?


Concept of people working together as a team.

Team Player

A team player is someone who is able to get along with their colleagues and work together in a cohesive group.

Team building

Process of establishing and developing a sense of collaboration and trust between members.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Why should we be a team ?
  1. When staff use their skills and knowledge together, The result is a stronger agency that can fulfill its mission. ” to provide accurate information that would assist individuals in a better quality of life “.
  2. People working together can sustain the enthusiasm and lend support needed to complete the work of each program. How does a team work best ? A team succeeds when its members have :
  • A commitment to a common objective
  •  Define roles and responsibilities .
  •  Effective decisions stems, communication and work procedures.
  • Good personal relationships.

Team Moral Depends on

  1. Support 
  2. Resources 
  3. Communication
  4. Personalities 

3. Business Credit and Financing

How to get $ 10,000 Business Credit Card Without A Personal Guarantee or Personal Credit Check. Business Credit Is Another Type Of Available Credit For Business Owners . Business Credit Isn’t Linked To You Personally, Instead It’s Linked To Your Business Based On Your EIN Number. 

Take Aways For Emerging and Seasoned Entrepreneurs :

  1. Audience will discover the difference between business credit and personal credit.
  2. Audience will discover the benefits of business credit.
  3. Audience will discover how to successfully structure their business to meet lending guide lines so they can qualify for business credit and funding.
  4. Audience will discover how having business business credit also increases the value of your business , making it easier to sell when the time comes.


So if you aspire to be a good conversationalist, be an attentive listener. To be interesting , Ask questions that other persons will enjoy answering”. It’s your first meeting with a new prospect. You’re excited to share all your new products and services, and you’re certain that they will love everything that you have to offer. You’ve prepared a powerful presentation that showcases you , your company and your products. And you’re poised and ready with a sales order form, determined to close a sale. CUT ! Hold It Right There ! You cannot prepare a customized presentation for a client without first asking open – ended questioned and then actively listening to their answers. Your first meeting with a new client is the time for you to probe , and to discover and consider solutions (In Your Head). To their particular concerns. People like to talk. LET THEM. Clients today are prepared. They’ve already been on your website. They’ve seen your products , your promotions and your customer reviews. They’ve been on your competitor’s website too , offering same products for the same prices , but savvy Executives are doing something that the internet cannot do. They are building relationships. They are committed to the success of their client. They understand that enduring partnerships are the key to positive outcomes for all. A lasting business relationship is built one conversation at a time , and it all begins with attentive listening.

Five Principals Of A Successful Sales Person :

  1. Always sell to people : Sell to people , Not to a Conglomerate , But To Actual Real People. 
  2. Sell Your Self : You Must Remember That You Are Selling Yourself As Much As You Are Selling Products or Services.
  3. Ask Questions : A Good Sales Person, Knows What Questions To Ask. Develop Your Question Techniques.
  4.  Listen To Understand : Successful Sales Professionals Talk 20% Of The Time and Listen 80% Of The Time.
  5. Be Professional At All Times : The Greatest Compliment A Customer Can Pay You Is To Describe You As “Professional” Don’t Worry About Being Liked – Be Respected